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 Adaptive Management 

The Adaptive Management Series is a learning journey in 5 parts which explores the definitions and dimensions of Adaptive Management as well as practical tools that can be implemented in the workplace.

 Video Sessions 
Session 1

This session covers the definitions, origins and rationale of Adaptive Management.

Session 3

This session focusses on considering and reconsidering Theories of Change in adaptive programming.

Session 2

This session focusses on teams and partnerships and explores how these relationships affect the ability to work adaptively.

Session 4

This session covers concepts and tools under the topics of monitoring, reflecting and learning.

Session 5

This session covers adaptive operations

 Presentation Slides 
Session 2 - Teams and Partnerships
Session 4 - Monitoring and Learning 
Session 1 - Definitions, Origins and Rationale
Session 3 - Theories of Change
Session 5 - Adaptive Operations
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